Ocean Ritz Panama City Beach Florida
Ocean Ritz Panama City Beach Florida
Ocean Ritz Panama City Beach Florida

Ocean Ritz Panama City Beach Florida

Ocean Ritz-2003, Panama City Beach, Fl
4 Bedroom-4 Bath Gulf Front Unit


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Thank you for coming to visit and stay in our little getaway and we hope that you find it as relaxing as we do!

As a courtesy to those staying here, we have placed a storage bin outside by the front door. Please use this to store any beach stuff that might be wet or sandy. If you would like to lock it, feel free….just please remove the lock before you leave!

On the back porch you will find the cushions inside the wooden box against the wall. If you would please try place these back when you leave. During the evenings it does get a little windy so if you could just bring in the back cushions and pillows that would be great.

You will also find a black book on the table behind the loveseat in the living room. In this book you will find information that will hopefully make your stay a little more convenient. There is a checkout survey to help us make the condo better for future renters, general information about the unit and how to work the TV and stereo, a few restaurants in the area, cable channels, etc. We hope this helps if you are not familiar with Panama City Beach. A great website for all that’s happening on the beach is www.TripSmarter.com.  You do have wireless internet access here, so please feel free to use it and enjoy! Also tune to Beach TV (Channel 7)for what’s hot on the Beach.

Please enjoy more of this information online at www.OceanRitz2003.com

Have a great stay and thanks again!


Ocean Ritz Panama City Beach Florida